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Wyoming Metal Works Decorative Metal Art

Best Art Galleries in Yucca Valley, CA ... from Yelp

 Shop Old Town Yucca Valley for art, also  29 palms, joshua tree california and the planet

ArtFx & Furnishings ... Yucca Valley

Classified listings for 29 Palms,
 Yucca Valley,
 Joshua Tree and the Hi Desert
 Morongo Basin California

Janis Commentz ... Painting in the California Traition

Hi Desert Classifieds features reports about the food we eat and our health, and Art, News and links to the Hi Desert California

I had no idea of the energy, revitalization, and sheer joy I would receive
from being with these works on a daily basis....
Being in their presence brings me to a magical place every time.-Susan H. Gingrasso

Desert Art Studio Big Skies Joshua Tree Ca

Art by Chuck Caplinger 29 Palms

The Corn Crib
from Angus McCullough
Art and Boutiques in the Hi Desert Joshua Tree, 29 Palms and Yucca Valley
Once used for drying food for cattle, the Corn Crib is
a unique agricultural building from the 1940s that blurs the line between interior and exterior.


Skinchanger by Lukacakic

We like this one form Lukacakic

hi desert classifieds features Art, Music, News and food reports

Skinchanger Band camp.com

hi desert classifieds features Art and Boutiques in  Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley and 29 Palms
Beorn appears in "The Hobbit": a man who could assume the appearance of a great black bear.
He's described by Tolkien as very big, tall and strong. Beorn's design was tricky...
He has to be menacing but somehow friendly... his savage side must be visible.
When he's using his in human form, he's keeping himself calm but his strength is
always ready to explode. Visually he should have some "angles" to suggest his ferocity,
but a bear head is full of circle lines. The shape of his hair and beard must suggest
the shape of a bear's head. His Irises are depicted with an intense orange hue, the same
we find in wild animals. His pose hints his strength and his caution toward the viewer.

A skinchanger is a person with the ability to enter the mind of an animal and control its actions.

Philippine Mythology. Aswang

- a legendary humanoid creature (like a cross between a vampire, a witch, and a werewolf/skinchanger).
Regular townspeople by day: they become cannibals with a voracious
appetite for human flesh by night. They can also transform into either
a black boar or a huge dog. Some say that most aswang are female and
that they prefer butchering as their occupation. Less
Mythology Aswang, Evil Vampire, Mythology Legends, Philippine Mythology,
Philippines Aswang, Filipino Folklore, Mythical Creatures, Century Aswangs
Sometimes aswang is the generic term applied to all types of #mythological
#creatures, ghosts, manananggals, tiktik, tikbalang and monsters. Though the
aswang is often confused with manananggal, they are different creatures.

#Philippines #myths
Filipino Mythology - Aswang, an inherently evil vampire-like creature that is
the subject of a wide variety of myths and stories, the details of which vary greatly
Artstation.com read the full article and check out the site

a food & health read!

Are You Curious About Quinoa?

what about good health? ... not your ordinary classifieds
.... hi- desert classifieds.com
Eating a bowl of quinoa a day may lower your risk of <br>
premature death from diseases like cancer, heart disease,<br>
 respiratory disease, and diabetes by 17 percent.

Quinoa Herbolarios.org

Quinoa? ,,, what is it

By Dr. Mercola

Eating a bowl of quinoa a day may lower your risk of
premature death from diseases like cancer, heart disease,
respiratory disease, and diabetes by 17 percent.

This was the finding from a Harvard School of Public Health
study, which followed more than 367,000 people for about 14 years.
Those who ate about 1.2 ounces (34 grams) of quinoa per 1,000 kcal
daily enjoyed the lowered risk of all-cause mortality.2 Unfortunately,
the researchers lumped quinoa in with other whole grains and cereal fibers,
even though quinoa is not a grain at all; it's a seed.

Even the US Whole Grains Council featured quinoa as a whole grain of
the month, so it's no wonder so many are confused. Even the Whole Grains Council admitted:3

An artist's interpretation of Rusingoryx atopocranion on the Late Pleistocene plains
of what is now Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria. Scientists have found many links between
Rusingoryx and hadrosaur dinosaurs -- particularly the large, hollow dome that makes a
crest on top of the animal's skull.

Credit: Todd S. Marshall

Todd Marshalls Art.com ... click here and view check this out!

Todd Marshalls art

Credit: Todd S. Marshall

Todd Marshalls Art.com ... click here and view


Artist Karine Swenson
lives on the edge of wild

hi desert classifieds presents art by Artist Karine Swenson 
 lives on the edge of wild

By Hilary Sloane, For the Hi-Desert Star

JOSHUA TREE: Karine Swenson is a painter who believes
in the art and craft of painting. Her work varies from
realistic to abstract and she is constantly looking for
new avenues to fuel her imagination and test her abilities.
Growing up in small towns in South Dakota, Swenson developed
a strong connection with nature. The studio is where she
can explore that relationship, and a significant part of
her work is painting animals from photographs she has
taken herself. A favorite subject is rabbits.

Read the full article click here

High Desert Test Sites

Joshua Tree Art Gallery presents

Gallery 62 Joshua Tree

Angus Mccullough art works

For artist Angus McCullough, it's all about everyday things
By Jack McManus, Bennington Banner

artist Angus McCullough Currently in Joshua Tree, CA at BoxoPROJECTS

BoxoProjects Contemporary Art

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3d Printing Files